The ups and downs of web development

Another day another bad pun. I have just obtained a standing desk which can be lowered and heightened using a handle. This handle winds the desk up and down: the desk is hence a standing and a sitting desk.

I have the one from IKEA which can reach a height of 120cm – which is tall enough for someone who is 196cm. The desk is branded with the name Skarsta . Why? who makes up these names?

I am just into my second day with the desk. What is interesting so far is that I am more aware of my energy levels when standing. Not being aware of energy levels I reckon means continuing to work when you really need a break; how much non-productive work happens when this happens.

I have just ordered a flat treadmill which will fit under the desk, it will help me to keep moving when I am working – remaining stationary is for me the curse of working with computers. I will get back with another blog when the treadmill is delivered. I might be tempted to do the unboxing thingy ma bob.

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